Egg Shakers

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These baby chick egg shakers are a wonderful non-candy addition to any child's Easter basket.  Especially great for babies and toddlers, the egg shakers will engage your child with their noise making and bright colors.  The egg shells are removable and can be used to teach children how to match and sort colors.  Each egg is equipped with its own rattle making them fun to shake and their size and shape are perfect for tiny hands.  This is a toy your little ones are sure to love any time of year.

Each set of baby chick eggs shakers includes 6 egg rattles of assorted colors and an egg carton to store them in. 

As always, children should be supervised when playing with any of our children's toys.  We work to ensure we use quality materials but often times there are small pieces which are a choking hazard for young children.  Please never leave any of our toys in your child's sleep space, this includes cribs, pack and plays, beds, car seats, swings, and anywhere else your child might sleep or be unsupervised with the items.