Garden Party Activity Bag

Garden Party Activity Bag

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G A R D E N   P A R T Y

March’s activity bag is all about flowers with 3 fun activities for your littles to play and learn!

1) Plant your very own flower (seed & soil pellet included) and track it’s growth. Learn responsibility by having to water your flower, and practice observation as you watch and document how your flower grows.

2) Roll a Flower - roll the die and follow the instructions on the game card to build your very own flower garden. Practice counting by counting the spots on the die and the petals. Practice listening to and following direction by doing what the game card suggests. Practice number and color recognition as well.

3) Build a Flower - take the petals off and thread them back on in any order you choose to create a unique new flower each time. This activity promotes imaginative play and fine motor skills as you practice threading the petals onto the string.

All items are handmade and so there can always be a variation in what you see.  Colors may also vary but they will always be similar to what you see pictured in this listing.

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