Shapes Under the Sea Activity Bag

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S H A P E S   U N D E R   T H E   S E A

Dive into an ocean of learning with our shapes under the sea activity bag. Learn about different shapes by exploring the environment around you, practice shape recognition and let your imagination run wild with this under the sea adventure!

Each activity bag includes an ocean scene with six different fish that can be moved around.  Use them to talk about what shapes make up the animal, what animal they are, how they swim and eat, what color the are,... the possibilities are endless!  The activity bags also include 1 tangram puzzle (puzzle image varies).  Let your kiddos experiment arranging the shapes to recreate the image on the puzzle or use their creativity to make whatever they can imagine!.

The TODDLER activity bag will include a shape sorting page with felt shapes.  Each shape is color coded so that your child can work on shape recognition, color recognition, and word recognition.

The PRE-K/KINDERGARTEN activity bag will include a tracing page with shapes on one side and a dolphin scene on the opposing side, as well as a dry erase marker.  Your child will be able to practice holding a marker while drawing shapes, learning more precise pen control and improving hand-eye coordination.

All items are handmade and so there can always be a variation in what you see.  Colors may also vary but they will always be similar to what you see pictured in this listing.

As always, children should be supervised when playing with any of our children's toys.  We work to ensure we use quality materials but often times there are small pieces which are a choking hazard for young children.  Please never leave any of our toys in your child's sleep space, this includes cribs, pack and plays, beds, car seats, swings, and anywhere else your child might sleep or be unsupervised with the items.